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124 Types of Freelance Writing Jobs That You Can Do For Money

124 Types of Freelance Writing Jobs That You Can Do For Money

124 Types of Freelance Writing Jobs That You Can Do For Money


Are you interested in becoming a freelance copywriter so that you can work from home and earn an income?


Here are 125 types of freelance writing jobs that you can do to make money.


This list includes jobs that you can do online and others that you can do offline either part time or full time:


Online Copywriting Jobs From Home


1. Become A Humor Writer

There is a big market for humor writing in the freelance world. Some of the publications that you can submit your work to include:


However, you should not limit yourself to publications that bill themselves as ‘funny’. Many editors are willing to include funny pieces of content in their publication as long as it is appropriate to the audience. Look for publications in your niche and approach them with your piece. If they like it, chances are that they will publish it on their publication and pay you for it.


Read more about becoming a humor writer here.


2. Jingle Writing Jobs

A Jingle Writer is a person who composes music for use in television or radio advertisement. To enter this field, you must be able to compose a catchy tune that emphasizes the unique selling points of the client’s product.

General Salary Range: $500 to $15,000+ per commercial

Some of the places where you can sell your music include:

  • Advertising agencies
  • Look for connection in music houses
  • Job boards like indeed, zip recruiter, and careers in music.


3. Become A Music Songwriter

As a songwriter, you can become either a composing songwriter or a lyricist. The work of a composer is to create hit songs that are geared for the commercial market as well as to do the business required to get those songs to generate income. Therefore, a songwriter, will write the lyrics and melody for a song. A Lyricist, on the other hand, writes lyrics for a song and does not write the music for the piece.

You can get music writing jobs from:

  • Music publishing companies
  • Managers
  • Recording Artists
  • Producers
  • Promoters

Earnings: you will earn loyalties from the sale of every song.


4. Become A News Writer

The main duty of a news writer is to develop news, perform research and write unbiased and factual news stories, re-write wire copy and develop crisp news story.


Learn more about becoming a news writer.


5. Become A Nutrition Writer

If you have a passion for food and a gift for descriptive writing, you can become a freelance food writer. As a food writer, you can earn from writing cookbooks, recipes, or writing restaurant reviews. You can also start your own blog to write about food and nutrition.


6. Get Into Political Writing

Politics is relevant to everything we do. Politics defines how we live, how much we earn, and what our kids learn at school. This is what makes it an interesting topic to read and write about.


If you enjoy writing about politics, you can start a freelancing career as a politics writer. You can submit your work to online publications and get paid.


7. Become A Professional Content Writer

Website Content Writing is a lucrative career. Although becoming a writer seems easy, it is not always easy to reach the expertise that is required to write for money.


For you to qualify as a paid content writer, you need to have a passion for writing, have a good mastery of the English language, be authentic, and be knowledgeable about SEO and the various tools that a copywriter needs to use on a regular basis.


If you possess all the above, you can become a content writer and start earning.


The amazing thing about becoming an online content writer is that you can choose where to work from and you can pick a work schedule that suits you perfectly.


For this reason, content writing jobs from home have made it easy for stay at home mums or unemployed persons who can write well to earn a living.


Learn more about becoming a freelance content writer.



8. Become A Proposal Writer

A proposal writer is a writer who works with non-profits or businesses, creating documents that convince others to support a project or enter into business arrangements. They typically hold a bachelor's degree in a communications related subject, but will still need experience and aptitude to stand above in this competitive field.


9. Find Report Writing Jobs

A report writer is an information technologist who analyzes data in order to produce reports for a wide variety of industries, including computers, finance, education, and healthcare.


Other duties include:

  • Testing applications
  • Making presentations
  • Writing reports
  • Summarizing data
  • Work with databases, spreadsheets and data analysis tool


A report writer earns an average of 55, 000 dollars per year.


Learn more about the report writing job. 


10. Become A Fantasy or Sci Fi Writer

If you are a fantasy or sci fi writer, you can submit your content to one of the following Fantasy and Sci-fi Publications:

  • Mad Scientist Journal - they pay between $10-$100/story
  • Pseudopod - they pay $100 for a story that is no more than 5,000 words
  • Fantasy & Science Fiction magazine - they pay $0.08 per word
  • Sci Phi magazine - they pay $0.05 per word
  • Comets and Criminals – they pay $25 per submission
  • Daily Science Fiction- they pay $0.08 per word
  • Escape Pod magazine- they pay $0.01 per word
  • InterGalactic Medicine Show- they pay $0.05 per word


11. Become A Freelance Science Writer

Being a freelance science writer is an excellent option for individuals who have a scientific background, and the ability to pen things down with flair. A freelance science writer’s job entails creating, editing, proofreading, and assisting the publication of scientific reports online or in print form.


For you to hack this, you are required to have excellent content writing, research, editorial and unprejudiced presentation skills.


12. Become A Screenplay Writer

A screenplay writer- also called a scriptwriter or scenarist - is a writer who writes screenplays on which films, television programs, comics, and video games, are based.


Screenplay writers are usually freelance professionals who write on speculation basis.


13. Become a Speechwriter

A speechwriter is in charge of preparing speeches for others. Most speechwriters work for large companies, public figures, or governmental offices. Speechwriters often deal with daunting deadlines, and some workers may have to travel frequently to write for clients. The majority of employers prefer applicants who hold a bachelor's degree related to communications or public relations.


14. Become A Ghostwriter

Ghostwriters are writers who write content for other people, but take none of the credit for the work. Ghostwriters are usually book writers, who write books for others.


The average salary for a ghostwriter is $50,000.


15. Become A Website Review Writer

Review websites for money. You can contact website owners and ask them to write reviews for their websites or sign up as a website review writer on a copywriting service like copypeer.


16. Become A Product Review Writer

Write reviews about products and services that people in your niche use regularly.


For instance, you can write reviews of the best content writing services if your website is in the writing and freelancing niche.


17. Become A Transcriptionist

A transcriptionist is a writer who converts speech (either live or recorded) into a written or electronic text document.


You can offer transcription services to businesses, legal professionals, or medical professionals.

The average salary of a transcriptionist is $40,000.

Some places that you can find transcription jobs include:

  • Quick Tate.
  • Rev
  • RNK Transcription
  • Scribie
  • Speech to Text Service
  • Tiger fish
  • Transcribe Me

Read more about the requirements of becoming a transcriptionist


18. Become A Translator

The work of a translator is to convert written material from one 'source languages' into another language. When making the translation, the translator has to make sure that the translated version conveys the meaning of the original as clearly as possible.


As a translator, you will be in charge of translating:

  • Commercials
  • Educational materials
  • Legal documents
  • Literary documents
  • Scientific materials
  • Technical documents


19. Become A Business Plan Writer

As a business plan writer, you will work with entrepreneurs who have great ideas that need to be organized into a strategic plan.


A good business plan costs between $500 and $5,000.


20. Become An Advertising Copywriter

An advertising copywriter is responsible for writing the words, slogans, and audio scripts that accompany advertising visuals. An advertising works alongside art directors to conceive and complete effective advertisements.


21. Grant Writing Jobs- Become A Grant Writer

A grant writer’s job entails researching and writing proposals for non- profit organizations in the bid to beseech the government to allocate some funds to them. The said funds are to be used in carrying out various projects meant to benefit the society.


This is one of the best ways to earn money online. All you need to do is write a proposal, which includes an application, which gives the reasons as to why the funding should be granted. It also features who the applicant is. Once you have drafted and sent your grant, it is up to you as a freelancer to follow it up and see if it goes through.


22. Become A Web Content Writer

Web content writers are responsible for writing content for online consumption. Web content writers work as freelancers for several clients. To become a web content writer, you need good English communication skills. An English degree is an added advantage.


You can get web content writing jobs from copywriting services like copypeer or by contacting blog owners.


23. Become A Blog Writer

Blog writers are responsible for writing blog articles. To become an excellent blog writer, you need. You can get blog writing jobs from copywriting services like copypeer or by contacting blog owners.


Read more about how to write a good blog post here


24. Become A Press Release Writer

The Press Release Writer writes promotion and public relations in websites and portals. A Press Release Writer can work as a freelancer or as an in-house content writer.


25. Become A Technical Writer

A technical writer translates complex, technical information such as training manuals, assembly instructions, online customer service guides, and technical reports into clear and simple language. A technical writer can become a specialist in one field, such as software reporting or medical writing, or a generalist.


The average salary of a technical writer is $70,000


26. Become A Book Writer

Write your own book and sell it on amazon or through your website. You can also become a ghostwriter and write books for other people. The average salary of a book writer is $48,640. A salaried editor, on the other hand, earns $46,990.


27. Become A Legal Writer

A legal writer is involved in the production of any form of material used in the legal industry. A legal writer works with lawyers, judges, and legislators to write laws, expression of rights, duties, and other legal analysis.


Some of the duties of a legal writer include:

  • Brief writing – this involves researching and writing legal documents such as briefs, memorandums, and motions.
  • Legal analysis – this includes summarizing case laws, news, and analyzing industry events.
  • Legal correspondence – this involves writing reports and analyzing news regarding the legal industry.

The average salary for a legal writer is $36,000


28. Become A Resume Writer

This involves writing resumes for prospective job seekers. Writing a standard resume for somebody will pay between $50 and $75 per resume. A resume to land an executive job at a Fortune 500 company might pay between $200 and $300 per resume.


The average salary for a resume writer is around $58,000 just for writing resumes.


29. Become An FAQ Writer

An FAQ writer is responsible for writing the FAQ section of the website. This involves answering all the questions that potential clients of the website might have.


30. Become An Annual Report Writer

If you have a finance background, you should can become an annual report writer. This involves analyzing the financial statements of a company and them preparing the annual report to show the company’s financial position.


31. Become A Research Writer

Research Writer is responsible for writing research articles. This involves doing research on a topic and presenting the findings and recommendations for action.


32. Become A Speech Writer

A speechwriter is a person writer who prepares and writes speeches that will be delivered by another person.


Speechwriters are employed by many senior-level elected officials and executives in the government and private sectors.


33. Become A B2b Writer

A B2B writer writes content geared towards business customers. The content must convince other companies to do business with your client’s business.


34. Become A B2C Writer

A B2C writer writes content geared towards customers. The content must convince other individuals to do business or to buy a product from the client’s business or website.


36. Become A Social Media Writer

Write short and catchy content for posting on social media. A good social media post will pay between $20 and 100 dollars. You can work as a full time social media writer for about $1,000 -5000 per month.

The salary for a social media writer is about $49,395/yr


36. Become A Newsletter Writer

Become a newsletter writer and write engaging newsletter content.


37. Become A Real Estate Writer

As a freelance real estate writer, you will be responsible for writing content on real estate , building trends.


38. Become A Curriculum Creator

As a Curriculum Creator, you will be responsible for creating a curriculum for teachers or a school. Developing a curriculum can cost between $2,500 and $10,000.


39. Become An Academic Writer

Become a freelance academic writer and write essays and other academic papers for students. Writing an essay for a student will pay between $30 and $250.

You can sign up to become a writer from any essay writing service


40. Freelance Sports Writing

Sports writing have received immense attention since time immemorial due to the vast interest and wide readership that sports attracts. What makes sport ideal is its wide scope nature; hence freelance sports writers always have a high chance of landing constant gigs in the market today. Therefore, if you have great interest in sports and can write pretty well, then this would be a goldmine for you.

Another good thing about sports writing is the fact that you do not need to acquire a different skill set from other writers. The only thing you will be required to do is be aware of the rules and have a solid opinion about a particular sport or even many of them.


41. Freelance Medical Writing Jobs- Become A Medical Writer

While this may sound difficult to do for most freelance writers, it is actually easy if you have interest in the subject and at the same time, have it accompanied by excellent research skills and a good ability to understand and present the researched data. Medical writing entails the writing of scientific articles, which may include research documents, ailment or drug-related promotional or informative articles, content for medical website, health and fitness magazines and publications among many others.


While undertaking this kind of writing, you ought to take into consideration who your target audience is. This guides you on the tone to use, and it determines whether you will use plain English or jargon in your article.


42. Writing Greeting Cards

Do you have a knack for writing short and sweet sentiments? Turn your ideas into cash by submitting your words to greeting card companies.

Payment for a greeting card idea ranges from $10 to $50 depending on the studio.

Some of the places where you can submit your greeting card ideas include:

  • Avanti Press
  • Blue Mountain
  • Comstock – $50 per idea
  • Oatmeal Studios
  • S. Greetings, Inc.


43. Write Helpful Tips and Short Stories For Money

Print and online magazines are constantly looking for new content and are always willing to pay for short stories, helpful tips, poems, and even jokes. Here are just a few publications that pay for submissions.

With most publications, payment is made only if your tip or story is published.

  • Chicken Soup for the Soul – $100 – $200
  • Country Magazine – $25 – $250
  • Cuisine at Home – $100
  • Eating Well – Up to $1 per word
  • Family Handyman – $100
  • KnowledgeNut – $10
  • Take a Break – Up to £2,000
  • The Story People – Up to £2,000


44. Become A Poetry Writer

Do your words sing a song or evoke an emotion? Then perhaps selling your poetry can earn you some extra cash. Here are a few places you can sell your poems.

  • Grain Magazine – $50
  • Poetry Foundation – $10 per line, and $150 per page of prose
  • Sojourners – $25
  • The Sun Magazine – $100 – $200


45. Become A Recipes Writer

Are you a whiz in the kitchen? Then monetize your cooking skills by writing and submitting recipes. While they don't pay a lot, it's a fun way to support your Starbucks habit.

  • Cooking for Engineers – $10 – $20
  • Crafty Morning – $10 – $20
  • My Recipe Magic – Revenue sharing
  • ReciPay – $10 – $15
  • Recipe Yum – Revenue sharing


46. Become A Resume Writer

Are you good at proofreading, interviewing, and persuasive writing? Then becoming a professional resume writer may be the perfect freelance writing job for you.

  • Resume Edge – Pay is per assignment
  • Rise Smart – Paid per hour


47. Revenue Sharing

With revenue sharing sites, you contribute content to the site, and in return, you make a percentage of the advertising revenue generated from your content. Each site does it a little differently; some offer base pay, while others are based on how much traffic or how many clicks your content receives. Personally, I have never tried to make money this way, but here are some success tips from Carol Tice.

  • Demand Studios
  • Helium
  • HubPages
  • InfoBarrel
  • Sammiches & Psych Meds
  • The Penny Hoarder
  • The Richest
  • The Work at Home Woman
  • What Culture
  • Wizzley


48. Romance Novels

Do you want to write the next Fifty Shades of Gray? Then submit your manuscript to one of the many romance publishers. New York Times and USA Today Best Selling Author, Brenda Hiatt has a great list of approximately what each publisher pays for first and subsequent novels.

  • Avon Romance
  • Crimson Romance
  • Hallmark
  • Harlequin
  • Harper Impulse
  • Swoon Reads


49. Travel Writing

Who doesn't dream of traveling the world and getting paid to write about their adventures? While most travel gigs pay in free travel, food, lodging, and activities, there are a few outlets that will pay a small amount for your writing.

  • BootsnAll $30 – $50
  • Go Nomad – $25
  • International Living – $75
  • Ireland Before You Die – Contact for rates
  • Outpost Magazine – Pay negotiable
  • Travelicious – $40
  • Wanderful – $50


50. Site Content Audit and Report

Boost search rankings and conversions by finding gaps, opportunities.

Pay: $1,500-$3,000


51. Become a Keyword Researcher

Identify top keyword opportunities in Google, etc. on specific topics.

Pay : $500-$1,500+


52. Key Message Copy Platform

Get top results in all channels with a master messaging roadmap.

Pay: $3,000-$4,000


53. Home Page Content: SEO and Sales-conversion

Create high converting website landing pages

Pay: $100- $1,000


54. Copywriting

Set the stage for a great site experience that prompts conversions.

Pay: $1,500-$3,000


55. Category Page Update: SEO and Sales-conversion

Rewrite the main web pages, such as About, Services.


56. Product Page Update: SEO and Sales-conversion Copy

Generate more traffic and sales for each specific product or service. Pay: $400-$800/page


57. Order Page/Shopping Cart Sequence

Reduce abandon rates due to confusion or too many steps.

Pay: $400-$800


58. New Page: SEO and Sales-conversion Copy

Use professional, compelling copy for all new products and services.

Pay: $700-$1,200/page


59. Banner Ad or Text Ad

Drive the most visitors to specific discounts or other Promotion pages.

Pay: $250-$1,000


60. Online Sales / Landing Page for Single Promotion

Generate leads and sales with professional, conversion-focused copy. (based on length)

Pay: $950 - $5,000+


61. Design A Microsite

Boost sales on a super-specific website containing 2-5 pages

Pay: $3,000-$7,000


62. Article Writing

Keep visitors coming back and support SEO strength with fresh copy.

Pay: $150-$800 each


63. "How-to” Guide or Tour

Provide helpful guides explaining how a product, service, or site works.

Pay: $500-$1,000


64. Press Release

Get attention from the media and drive additional site visits.

Pay: $500-$1,000


65. Blog Post

This is a topic-specific blog article is written to answer a certain question for the readers or for SEO purpose.

Pay: $150-$800/post


66. Blog Editorial Calendar and Post Series

Continuously generate new traffic with ongoing, strategic posts.    

Pay: $150-$800/post


67. Video Script / Video Sales Letter (VSL)

Stand out with product demonstrations, how-to tips, full video sales letters, and more.

Pay: $5,000+ based on length/VSL


18. Podcast Script

Make the most of this medium with captivating Scripts /copywriting.

Pay: $500-$1,000/ minute      


68. FAQs Writing Jobs

Answer common questions asked by customers (great for SEO).

Pay: $500-$1,000


69. Case Study Writing Jobs

Offer problem-solution-outcome stories featuring a product or service.

Pay: $1,200-$2,000


70. Special Report (White Paper)

Attract email sign-ups/new leads with valuable, downloadable reports.

Pay: $2,000-$7,000


71. E-book Writing Jobs

Provide highly useful information to customers via electronic guides.

Pay: $2,000-$7,000


72. Testimonial Writing Jobs

Generate strong, "real-world” credibility for products or services.

Pay: $500-$800


73. Auto Responder Emails (Follow-Up Series)

Deepen customer relationships and/or drive follow-up purchases.

Pay: $100-$1,000/email


74. Stand-alone Email

Reach out and grow sales with special promotions invitations, more.

Pay: $250-$2,000


75. E-newsletter/E-zine

Maintain customer loyalty with regular issues filled with tips and offers.

Pay: $800-$1,500


76. Pay-Per-Click (PPC)/AdWords Campaign

Break through search clutter and drive traffic to specific online sales / landing pages.

Pay: $75-$350/ad


77. Complete Site Re-Design W/Copywriter Overseeing

Ensure excellent usability, SEO, and messages in a site re-design. (Separate from page writing.)

Pay: $2,000-$5,000 for Content Flow Copywriter role


78. In-Person Training for Staff Writers

Coach the team on the best copy/SEO practices one-on-one.

Pay: $1,500/day plus travel & lodging


79. Presenting to Other Company Employees

Make sure they understand how to add customer-friendly copywriting.

Pay: $1,500/day plus travel & lodging               


80. Training Script/Copywriting

Help customers use a website service or complete a task.

Pay: $500-$3,000


81. Teleseminar/Webinar Script

Ensure a smooth, successful presentation with a great script and slides.

Pay: $1,500-$3,000


82. Survey Wording

Get the most useful feedback from customers through great questions.

Pay: $500-$1,000


83. Competitive Analysis — more in-depth

Set the company apart from competitors with a detailed copy review.

Pay: $1,000-$2,000


84. Social Media Setup

Create an inviting page with robust ABOUT content, etc.

Pay: $500/network


85. Social Media Management: Facebook, Twitter, and More

Consistently grow with posting/monitoring 1-2 hours/day, 5 days/week.

Pay: $1,000-$2,000 per month


86. Social Media Ad Campaign

Attract Likes, Shares, and conversions with super-targeted social ads.

Pay: $500


87. Company Description: Google+, Other Review Sites, Directories

Make sure customers choose you in Google+, Yelp, Angie’s List, others.

Pay: $25-$500




88. Direct Mail: Simple Sales Letter with Order Form

Generate immediate sales/revenue from a powerful letter.

Pay: $1,500-$5,000+


89. Direct Mail: Lead-Generation Package

Ensure message success/continuity through envelope, letter, card, etc.

Pay: $2,000-$3,500+


90. Direct Mail: Financial, Health, or Info-Marketing

Generate thousands of subscriptions through extensive sales packages.

Pay: $7,500-$15,500+ Plus royalties


91. Direct Mail: House File

Sell directly to current buyers.

Pay: $2,000-$10,000+


92. Direct Mail: Acquisition List

Build a new pool of buyers.

Pay: $2,000-$25,000+  


93. Direct Mail: Renewal Series

Retain or upgrade subscribers, members, or product buyers.

Pay: $1,500-$2,500+ per letter


94. Direct Mail: Blanket Renewal Insert

Prompt renewals/upgrades with a single, strong message.

Pay: $2,500-$3,500


95. Direct Mail: Self-Mailer

Grow leads, sales, registrants, etc. with an engaging piece.

Pay: $750-$2,500


96. Direct Mail: Postcard or Double Postcard

Stay in the "keep” pile of mail and prompt action.

Pay: $750-$1,500


97. Telemarketing Script

Make calls that are welcoming to the visitors during a telemarketing call leading to conversions.

Pay: $500-$2,000


98. Brochure (3-panel)

Succinctly and clearly explain how a product/service benefits prospects.

Pay: $750-$1,500/page


99. Brochure (4-panel or larger)

Expand the power of charts, tables, and other information to convert

Pay: $750-$1,500/page


100. Sell Sheet

Give sales reps excellent product detailers to use with prospects.

Pay: $500-$1,000


101. Print Ad

Captivate buyers with a strong ad (quarter-page to full- page).

Pay: $800-$2,000


102. Advertorial

Position a product/service as THE solution via a magazine-style article.

Pay: $800-$1,500+


103. Trade Show Materials

Grab attention at busy shows with bold, customer-focused materials.

Pay: $1,000-$3,000+


104. Radio Commercial Copy

Stand out with a clever concept and copy for a 30 or 60-second spot.

Pay: $1,200-$1,500


105. Radio Direct-Response Commercial

Generate orders with an appealing direct-sale spot.

Pay: $1,500-$2,000 each


106. TV Commercial

Make a big impression with a strong 30 or 60-second spot.

Pay: $1,000-$1,800


107. Store Sign

Add excitement to signs about special sale offers, trial offers, etc.

Pay: $250-$500/sign


108. Designing Coupons

Stand out and drive sales with appealing coupon promotions.

Pay: $250-$500/coupon


109. Designing Posters

Make the most of an arresting image and a short, powerful message.

Pay: $250-$500/poster


110. Annual Report Writing

Make sure the Company Overview is uniquely appealing to investors.

Pay: $2,500-$3,500


111. Packaging Design

Set the product apart with clear, clever package/label

Pay: $250-$1,000


112. Conducting Customer Interviews

Collect the best possible information from customers for better copy.

Pay: $250-$500 per interview report


113. Event Materials

Make an impression at sales meetings, awards banquets, etc.

Pay: $1,000-$3,000+             


114. Speech Writing

Get a standing ovation at business gatherings, fundraising dinners, etc.

Pay: $3,000-$5,000+


115. Ghost-writing a Book

Have a writer prepare an excellent memoir or business book.

Pay: $5,000-$10,000+


116. How-to Guide (such as a Buying Guide) or "Tips” Booklet

Hand out helpful printed guides and booklets to customers.

Pay: $500-$1,000+


117. Corporate History Compilation

Present company history in its best light in a book, brochure, video, etc.

Pay: $1,000-$10,000+


118. Product or Program Naming

Develop a pipeline of excellent product name ideas and taglines.

Pay: $1,000-$3,000      


119. Training Manuals (non-software/technical)

Provide effective employee training for call centres, processes, etc.

Pay: $2,000-$5,000+


120. Employee/Human Resources Materials

Explain employee benefits info/guidelines to workers at all levels.

Pay: $2,000-$5,000+


121. Welcome Packet

Help members/subscribers understand all the benefits and how-to’s.

Pay: $1500- $2500


122. Copy Critique

Strengthen results with a professional review and recommendations.

Pay: $400-$1,200


123. Collateral Audit

Review company materials (all channels) to drive consistent results.

Pay: $100-$200/hour


124. Marketing Strategy, Planning, Consulting

Improve outcomes with a fresh look at various marketing approaches.

Pay: $100-$200/hour


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