Money Back Guarantee

We offer a full refund if you are not satisfied with the work. However, You cannot get money paid to the freelancer through escrow. NEVER release the escrowed money for your paper until you have received the work and certified that it meets your standards!

If you release the funds, we will assume you are satisfied with the work and wont be able to give a refund for the released amount because it will have already been transfered to the writer.

Money Back Guarantee Terms

  • -The Full Balance Of funds in your account, which you have NOT RESERVED for a specific order, are 100% refundable.
  • -We do not refund any amounts you pay for promoting your listing such as "Featured order" fees, "Urgent Project" Fees, and "Non-Disclosure Agreement" Fees" and  Other Order Promotion Fees even if you do not select a  freelancer to help you with that task.
  • -Our refund policy does not cover any sums of money that you have reserved for orders that our writes are working on (Orders In Progress) because cancellation of Orders In Progress and Delivered Orders is subject to our terms of service and revision policies. The amount reserved for an Assigned/In Progress or Delivered Order will only be eligible for withdrawal when the client successfully disputes the quality of the orders they received from our freelancers by providing valid reasons for cancellation or evidence of poor quality of work as specified in our terms of service. Even where we approve our client's cancellation request, we may charge a certain percent of the project fee (up to 100%) to compensate the freelancer for the work they had done before they requested cancellation. Please communicate your cancellation request early to prevent wastage of freelancer's time.
  • -Please note that you can only claim back only that part of the reserved money that you had not paid to the freelancer using the "escrow payment" button.

In order to claim back the money from your current balance, you need to press "Withdraw Funds" on your personal page (tab "Finance"). You can only refund the money if you current balance is positive. Once you release the full order amount for the order to the freelancer, the order is considered Complete, and no money will be refunded.