SEO Article Writing Tips: How to Write SEO-Friendly Articles

There are three main things to put into consideration when writing content for your blog or website. The first is how to satisfy the informational needs of your existing clients. The second is to attract new readers to your website and convert them into paying clients. Finally, you should ensure that the articles are search engine friendly in order to give visibility to your website on search engines.


A business can achieve the three objectives by writing informative and persuasive SEO articles.


SEO article writing plays a big role in the growth of a website and its popularity. For a business to be widely known, it needs to write content that is optimized for search visibility and satisfies the information needs of the target audience.


However, many website owners struggle with coming up with SEO-friendly articles, which means that they miss important opportunities for the growth of their business through organic traffic.


The SEO Article Writing tips below will guide you in writing SEO-friendly articles for your business:


1. Use Keyword Optimized Headings

Headings are important for articles' readability as well as for SEO article writing. They help improve your google ranking as well as the readability of your articles. You should use subheadings in your articles as well since this helps readers find their way into your posts.

2. Use Popular Keywords

Using popular keywords in your article helps in your rankings and recommendations. The keywords should be carefully incorporated into your articles in order to increase readability. The use of keywords correctly also helps your readers enjoy going through your posts.


Google search has a "related keywords” section where you can find popular keywords that are related to your keyword.


3. Incorporate Signal Words

Use signal words when writing your articles for example, "first of all, nevertheless, etc". They are of great importance to your article's structure and they help your readers get the main idea of what you are trying to put across.


4. Proper Keyword Placement

Ensure that you place keywords effectively in your articles during SEO article writing by adding them in the titles, the body, and subtitles. The most important keywords should be used in the title. This will help your article appear more during searches hence increasing popularity and ranking.


5. Incorporate SEO Optimized Images

In SEO article writing, adding images with alternative texts helps to make your page show up during image searches. The images should be well relatable to the text and this creates a better understanding of the articles. Images also help in making the articles a little lively, as the readers do not just have to read plain text.


6. Link To Previous Articles

In order to show some authority on a given subject in SEO article writing, link your current posts to your previous ones on the same topic. This makes your posts as well as your link structure stronger, hence increasing your google ranking.


7. Optimize The Length Of Your Articles

Your articles should be long but not too long since they may become monotonous to the readers. Include your keywords a reasonable amount of times in the articles and make sure to observe both the minimum and a maximum number of words that you are required to write.


8. Creating Links For Your Articles

For SEO article writing, you have to build up links for your articles and share the links with the rest of the world in order to increase your popularity. You can share the links through social media platforms and ask your friends to help share the links. Having links for your article's keywords gives google search the opportunity to focus more on the keywords.


9. Add Hyperlinks In Your Articles

In SEO article writing, adding hyperlinks that link to another web page that has some similarity to your topic is important. These hyperlinks should be for well-structured websites that provide the correct information and also have easy navigation.


Final Words

Following these tips during SEO article writing will help you come up with the best SEO-friendly articles. This will in turn increase the popularity of your articles amongst readers as well as your google rankings. You will also come out as a quality content provider and enhance your brand as an individual.

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