Video Game Copywriter

Video Game Copywriter

A video game copywriter ensures that the video game copy is written within the available time frame and is effective in enhancing the quality of the game and generating sales. A video game copywriter is part of the overall video game design team. They write the storyline and character backstories that accompany the gameplay, graphics, and other technical elements of the video game. Often, video game copywriters also have some background in coding or software development to better understand how the other game designers will use their language in the context of the game.

Most video game companies want writers with college training, and they tend to hire video game copywriters with bachelor's degrees. The most common degrees for video game copywriters are creative writing and scriptwriting, though other English and literature-based degrees are useful when paired with coursework that includes fiction writing, conventions of storytelling, and the use of narrative voice.

Video game copywriters can work as freelancers and accept individual projects or work for a large company that creates several video games and works on internal projects with a small team of writers. A video game copywriter can have a variety of tasks and responsibilities depending on the type of game they work for, their auxiliary skills, and the size and makeup of the overall design team. Common video game copywriter job duties include:

  1. Researching plot ideas
  2. Collaborating with other designers
  3. Developing the video game's plot
  4. Writing character dialogue
  5. Overseeing recording sessions with voice actors
  6. Editing and updating the script as needed
  7. Testing the game to ensure the narrative meets the needs of the gameplay

Since most video game copywriters are primarily writers rather than technical designers or coders, their salary is very similar to the national average salary of writers, which is $51,131 per year. Video game copywriters who work as employees for a company, usually receive benefits like health insurance in addition to their salary while freelance video copywriters have advantages like working remotely or from home and choosing the projects they work on.