Hire A Copywriter To Tell Your Story?

How To Hire Freelance Writers Online

Every company needs high quality content in order to succeed in online marketing. Unfortunately, many small businesses do not have the resources to hire a team of fulltime writers to produce the high quality content that they need on a continuous basis. This is why the number of companies that rely on freelance writers for hire has grown in the last few years.


If you have never hired freelancers before, you may feel overwhelmed by the process. However, our service simplifies this process. We have more than 1000 writers in various fields. These writers have been vetted to make sure that they possess the necessary skills and experience in the field that they are applying for. This means that when you place an order, all the writers who apply to do the work are qualified in the field.


So, all you have to do is hire the writer you like most and begin the work.


Below, I will discuss the process of hiring writers.


Hire Freelance Writers Online


You can find freelance writers for your writing project in three easy steps:



The first thing you need to do in order to hire a freelance writer via our website is to fill the order form. The order will help you to inform the writers what you need done and when you need it done. Include the number of pages that you need the post to be. Each page is equal to 275 words. So, if you need a 500 words article, please select "2” pages.


Once you finish filling the order form, the system will give you an automatic quote to give you an idea of how much the project might cost you. Once you are satisfied in your project description, save the order form to submit the instructions to the writers.




Once you submit the order form saying that you wish to hire a freelance writer, you will receive a pile of proposals from qualified content writers. You can then select the writers with the highest ratings and best price.


Interview the writers you are interested in using the live chat window. You can ask them about their experience in your field and other questions that will help you understand how passionate they are about writing your project.


You can also ask them to send you a small writing sample to determine if they are the right freelancers for your work. Once you are satisfied with a certain, its time to finalize the deal



Once you are happy about the experience and skills of a specific writer, its time to finalize the process by hiring them. Click the "select writer” button, pay the amount agreed on, and start the project.

You can keep in touch with the writer while the project is ongoing to know how they are doing and to clarify any issues they may be having




The writer will deliver the work within the time you agreed on. Once you read the paper and are satisfied with the quality, you can mark the order as complete to pay the writer.


However, if you still need changes to the paper, ask the writer to make changes to specific things. You can request as many revisions as you feel are necessary to get the output you were looking for.


Once you get a version of the paper you are satisfied with, click the finish order button to rate the writer and mark the project as completed.


What Types OF Writers Can You Hire From CopyPeer?


Copy peer offers all types of business writing services. Using our services, you can hire:


1. Content writers
2. Copywriters
3. SEO writers
4. Article writers
5. eBook writers
6. Technical writers
7. Website review writers
8. Product review writer
9. Transcriptionists
10. Ghost writers
11. Web Content writers
12. Blog writers
13. News report writers
14. Advertising copywriters
15. Grant writers
16. Business Plan Writers
17. Press Release Writers
18. Technical Writers
19. Legal Writers
20. Resume Writing
21. FAQ writers
22. Annual Report writers
23. Research Writers
24. Speech Writers
25. B2B Writers
26. Script Writers
27. B2C Writers
28. Copywriters
29. Social Media Writers
30. Newsletter Writers
31. Real Estate Writers
32. Curriculum Creators

33. Creative Copywriter



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