Social Media Copywriter

Social Media Copywriter

Social Media Copywriter Job Description

A Social Media Copywriter updates a company’s social media pages with the latest company news tracks user engagement and responds to its followers in a timely manner. A social media copywriter should ensure that a company’s brand and online voice remains effective and consistent with its marketing goals. In order to succeed in this role, a social media copywriter must have exceptional writing skills with a talent for words. In addition to that, a social media copywriter must have prior experience in the social media marketing or social media advertising.

The following are the responsibilities of a social media copywriter:

  1. Optimizing social media content; language, message, tone on the basis of the behavior of our target audience
  2. Writing, editing, and publishing engaging posts for social media networks, for example, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter
  3. Selecting appealing graphics and videos for complementing the text
  4. Networking with clients as well as industry professionals
  5. Responding to comments and questions on the company’s social media channels in a respectful and timely manner
  6. Applying advertising techniques for increasing brand awareness such as promotions and competitions
  7. Tracking and reporting on social media insights such as traffic, engagement, conversion rates, shares, etc.
  8. Updating social media pages with the latest company news
  9. Coordinating with internal teams for creating advertising posts for product releases, events, or open roles
  10. Applying advertising techniques to boost brand awareness, like promotions and competitions
  11. Associating with customers and industry experts.