Marketing Copywriter Salary

Marketing Copywriter Salary

A marketing copywriter writes content with the main aim of attracting consumers to buy or use the goods or services provided by their clients or companies. A marketing copywriter comes up with creative and persuasive content that will convince consumers to purchase the goods or services offered by their clients. They create convincing content to promote the sale of a company’s products or services. The content provided by marketing copywriters is used in several print and broadcast materials such as television commercials, magazine adverts, radio announcements, or direct mail campaigns. Marketing copywriters usually combine the content with music, graphic images, and other visual and sound elements.

A marketing copywriter creates informative content for businesses aimed at guiding the reader’s own research about a product or service. Marketing copywriting is centered on sales as the copywriters present products and ideas and make them sound amazing. Marketing copywriters distinguish the audience and find the right tone to use when writing content. They adapt their content to fit a wide variety of industries, voices, and perspectives.

A good marketing copywriter should be an expert at writing interesting, engaging, and informative copy and at the same time maintain some persuasion with their choice of words. A marketing copywriter is qualified at creating written copy that will fulfill the needs of their client's business as well as attract consumer’s attention. Their content should attract new prospects to your website by promising them a solution to their problems and delivering it.

A marketing copywriter can come up with a content marketing strategy by providing:

  1. Blog posts. Marketing copywriters should ensure that their clients always have fresh blog content to help them stay on track and be consistent.
  2. Web content page. A marketing copywriter should provide fresh web page content for their clients regularly to attract the attention of their prospective consumers.
  3. E-mail marketing. A marketing copywriter should come up with clean and attractive newsletters and personalized offers that their prospective clients will actually read once they get them in their emails.

An entry-level Marketing Copywriter with less than 1-year of experience earns a salary of $43,746 including tips, bonus, and overtime pay based on 16 salaries. An early career Marketing Copywriter with 1-4 years of experience earns an average salary of $48,646 based on 121 salaries. A mid-career Marketing Copywriter with 5-9 years of experience earns an average total salary of $54,802 based on 75 salaries. An experienced Marketing Copywriter with 10-19 years of experience earns an average salary of $55,595 based on 30 salaries. In their late career, 20 years and higher, employees earn an average total compensation of $62,000. 

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