Copywriter Definition

Copywriter Definition

A copywriter writes for the internet. They create informative content for businesses that are designed to guide the reader’s own research. A copywriter produces engaging and clear content for different advertising channels such as websites and catalogs. Copywriters are employed by agencies both permanently and on a freelance basis to develop advertising concepts. They mainly deliver the words and verbal content that accompanies the visual elements used to advertise products or services. Agency copywriters usually work in close partnership with art directors and have lots of input to the visual elements. Many advertising agencies appoint them as a creative team. The main tasks for a copywriter include researching keywords, producing interesting written content, and proofreading their work for accuracy and quality.

A copywriter creates clear, compelling copy to sell products or educate and engage consumers, flexing persuasive writing muscle on websites, blog posts, product descriptions, email blasts, banner advertising, and newsletters. A copywriter’s job may also entail brainstorming concepts and developing storyboards, working with marketing and other creative departments to develop communication strategies, and ensuring consistent brand messaging, including voice and tone, across print, TV, radio, and other communication channels.

A Copywriter's job includes the day-to-day activities that a copywriter carries out when performing their duties as a copywriter. The following are some duties of a copywriter job:

  1. Writing copy for clients. Writing copy on behalf of clients is the main duty of a copywriter job. If you work as an in-house copywriter, you may be writing on behalf of just one business but if you work as a freelance copywriter, you will be able to write for different types of clients and cover a wide range of topics.
  2. Writing clean and error-free content for a website to reflect the company’s voice.
  3. Editing and proofreading. Editing proofreading is a vital skill for any copywriter and is always necessary. Therefore, editing and proofreading are a significant part of a copywriter’s job.
  4. Meeting with clients to understand their brand voice, target audience, and the message they wish to pass across.
  5. Proposing copy content in an engaging way for clients and carrying out projects after approval.

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