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Hire An Advertorial Writer : Advertorial Writer Job Description, Job Requirements, and Salary

Advertorial Writer Job Summary

An advertorial writer combines the skills of a copywriter and article writer to sell a product or service in story form. Advertorials help large and small businesses use a more personal, emotional-driven story that convinces readers to buy or try the product or service.


The very best advertorials in magazines are ones that readers mistake for actual articles until they hit the call-to-action at the end or discover the small disclaimer saying that the article is actually an advertisement.


The Advertorial Writer serves advertisers and readers by delivering enterprising, insightful content with speed, accuracy, fairness and creativity.


Broad and deep knowledge of community, business and regional issues are essential, as is comfort working with multiple platforms and an ideologically diverse Editorial Board.


Advertorial Writer Education Requirements

Any degree subject is acceptable for one to be an advertorial writer. English, journalism, copywriting, public relations, literary studies or media studies might be particularly helpful. Experience gained through internships and work experience placements can be useful when beginning to build a portfolio of work.


Advertorial Writer Duties

The following are the duties and responsibilities of an advertorial writer:


  • Strive for sharply focused, well-organized advertorial content that is complete, clear, concise, balanced, logical and easy to read.   
  • Produce informative, well-sourced advertorial content that provides insight to the reader for topics that are featured.   
  • Generate new ways of delivering content.
  • Promote content across social media.   
  • Plan for and anticipate the flow of advertorial content.
  • Generate a steady stream of ideas for section features and profiles.  
  • Develop broad knowledge and extensive sources in specific coverage areas.


Advertorial Writer Salary Information

A Freelance Advertorial Writer earns an average salary of $22,731, ranging from $17,564 at the 25th percentile to $26,710 at the 75th percentile, with top earners (the top 10%) earning more than $32,255. Compensation is derived from fewer than 20 profiles, including base salary, equity and bonus.


Hire an Advertorial Writer

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