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Hire A TV Commercial Writer : TV Commercial Writer Job Description, Job Requirements, and Salary

TV Commercial Writer Job Summary

Television commercial Writers are skilled writers who prepare scripts for a wide range of television including commercials, soap operas, comedies, documentaries and dramas.

They create station announcements, previews of coming shows, and advertising copy for local sponsors. They must be able to write persuasively, creatively, and quickly because of the pressure to meet deadlines.                                         

They are responsible for creating all plot lines, dialogue, characters and situations. They provide the initial story as well as rewriting and polishing scripts.


Writing for television is different from writing for film or stage. Television commercial Writers must be able to write to order. For example they will need to write for a specific audience and to fill a specific time slot. It can be almost a technical job. They may be working as part of a team under a head writer who makes many of the creative decisions.

Some Writers work full time for television stations but many work freelance on a job by job basis.


TV Commercial Writer Education Requirements

There are no specific educational requirements to become a commercial TV writer. However, obtaining a bachelor's degree can provide individuals with the basic knowledge needed to begin working in the field.


More importantly, samples of a writer's work are usually necessary for employment. The key skills include creativity, strong writing and storytelling skills, knowledge of screenwriting software, perseverance and the ability to face rejection when seeking work.


TV Commercial Writer Duties

The following are the duties and responsibilities of a TV commercial writer:


  • Providing achievable creative concept ideas and establishing processes to develop, write, produce and direct the production of Global News Television that meets News needs for both short and long form broadcast material.
  • Supporting account representatives and prospective commercial clients, including Global News with all Pre Production, Production and Post-Production requirements.
  • Meeting, presenting and selling production concepts with prospective clients and account representatives as required.
  • Having the ability to multi task, formulate, develop, implement and complete creative projects on tight deadlines
  • Balancing creative concepts with designated budget and resource restrictions
  • Have an understanding of industry rate cards and the quoting process with an eye and confidence to increasing production revenue when possible
  • Providing prospective clients with written quotes, work back schedules, story board, pre-production booklets and overall pre-planning as required
  • Completing monthly invoices, summaries and reports as required
  • Have exceptional interpersonal, organization and attention to detail skills.


TV Commercial Writer Salary Information

The average salary of a TV commercial writer in United States is $67,547 or an equivalent hourly rate of $32. In addition, they earn an average bonus of $1,776. However, this salary varies based on education level and the experience of a writer.


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