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Hire A Speechwriter : Speechwriter Job Description, Job Requirements, and Salary

Speechwriter Job Summary:

A speechwriter develops speeches for someone else to deliver. Their clients often include politicians, other public figures, and business executives.


They are required to work with the client or their representatives to develop the speech topic and key points. They must match the speakers tone, style, and philosophy in the speech as well as consider the audience while writing the speech.


Speechwriters may work for a particular employer full time or on a freelance basis. Full time speechwriters generally work in an office setting while freelance writers work from a home office.


Speech Writers Education Requirements

No formal education is technically required for a speech writer position although a bachelors degree in English or another relevant field is an added advantage. Previous experience in writing speeches and other relevant fields is also required.


Interpersonal and writing skills are essential for speech writers, as is the creativity to develop effective and engaging speeches.


Speech Writers Duties

  • Prepare and edit top management speeches and editorial columns for internal and external audiences.
  • Confer with management to discuss changes or revisions to materials.
  • Plan speeches and column arrangements or outlines and organize materials accordingly.


Speech Writers Salary Information

A speech writer earns an average salary of $77,182 per year. However this varies based on experience and the client.


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