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Hire A Ghostwriter : Ghostwriter Job Description, Job Requirements, and Salary

Ghost-writer Job summary

A ghostwriter is an experienced writer who composes articles, books or other manuscripts for someone else. They are mostly freelancers while others collaborate with authors and work with them in their offices.


They write for personalities like politicians and celebrities who have story concepts but lack the writing skill. Ghost writers often travel for interviews and research on the subject that they need to write on. They are expected to be trustworthy and keep confidential information.


Ghost Writer Education Requirements.

The minimum requirement for one to be a ghost-writer is a high school diploma. However, an undergraduate degree in English, journalism, communications or liberal arts is an added advantage. A wide experience in writing is also beneficial.


Ghostwriter Duties and Responsibilities

The following are the main duties of a ghostwriter:

  • Writing for somebody that is in a certain category and a specific tone that is identifiable to the one being written for.
  • Writing for someone who has a creative concept but lacks the skill to write such a concept.
  • Utilizing the research materials, knowledge and experience of somebody else and put them into writing.
  • Collaborate with famous authors to write their works.


Ghostwriter Salary Information

A Ghostwriter earn an average salary of $45.00 per hour. The salary however varies based on who their client is as well as their experience in writing.


Hire a Ghostwriter

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