Captivating Good Copywriting Skills That Will Get Your Reader Hooked

Captivating Good Copywriting Skills That Will Get Your Reader Hooked

Good Copywriting

Good copywriting is both an art and a science.

Creating good copywriting is tough especially with the constant demand for more quality content. You need effective content that attracts visitors and converts them to leads.

One of the most important characteristics of good copywriting is keeping it brief and to the point. However, this is not the only characteristic.

Keep reading as we explore tips on good copywriting:

1. Know Who Your Audience Is

Whom are you writing for? Picture the average person on your clients list. Try to think about what their day is like. Think about what is important to them. What are they passionate about? What products or services have they purchased from you in the past and why? The more you understand your audience, the more targeted and relevant your copy will be.

2.  Determine Your Value Proposition

Answer these questions:  Why should your customer buy your product or service? What is in it for them? Why is your product better than other brands? Why is your product unique?

3.  Identify Your Selling Proposition

A unique selling proposition is a promotion that offers something that your competitors do not or will not offer. You have a better chance of getting a response if your offer stands out from the competition. The proposition must be strong enough to attract new clients to the product.

4.  Establish An Objective

What is the purpose of this copy? What action are you trying to get the reader to take? You need a clear answer before you start writing in order to be clear to your reader.

5.  Use A Compelling Headline

Your headline should make the reader want to read more. Consider using eye-catching words to get the reader interested. Ask yourself: what if my audience only reads the headline? Will they know enough about my product and me? You can write down a few different headlines to see what works best.

6.  Use Straightforward Words

Use words with a direct command when writing headlines, subheads, and body copy. These words include may, maybe, hope, wish, try, but, could, perhaps, and strive. Instead use words like will and can to describe what your product or service can or will do for your audience.

7.  Avoid Using Passive Voice

A passive voice weakens your message. For example;

  • "Our company was chosen to receive an award” vs. "Our company received an award.”
  • "Five new products were designed” vs. "We designed five new products.”

8.  Use a Customers Quote

Include a customer’s quote on your copy. A brief and convincing quote will add credibility to your copy. The more real your readers view the person the better. Include their name, city or state, and even a photo.

9.  Keep Your Copy Clean And Concise

Read your copy aloud or have someone else read it to see if one can understand your message and the call to action. Edit out unnecessary words and merge ideas. Use bullet points and subtitles to make it easy for your reader to read and scan through.

Good copywriting is within your reach. Keep these tips in mind when writing and they will help you improve your copy.

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