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Are you looking to hire professional scriptwriters at a lower cost? Well, Copypeer offers up to standard scriptwriting services to assist you in your project. Scriptwriting is a special form of writing that requires industry experience and expertise to create creative and award-winning content. Whether it is a query letter, treatment or a short drafted screenplay, our versatile team ensures the task is done and presented in the best possible light.


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CopyPeer has implemented strict writer vetting procedures to guarantee their qualifications in writing. Our screenwriters for hire have degrees in Film, English, and Technical Communications making them the best suited for your task. We convert your thoughts, ideas, and drafts into industry standard screenplays. We are dedicated and committed to creating meaningful scripts that meet your standards while considering your financial pocket. We discover, craft, rewrite, edit and polish screenplays for film, TV and online platforms, depending on your request. Our skilled scriptwriters for hire exercise good communication skills with clients to deliver well-worded and innovative screenplays.






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