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Science writing is a specialized type of writing that requires competent and qualified science writers who analyze, edit and present information that is easily understood by the general public. Science writers require either an undergraduate or postgraduate degree in science or journalism. Science writing captures new and advanced theories and facts that enlighten the public and provokes profound contemplation.


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Science writers interpret complex data into clear-cut, simple and organized information for the general population. They possess a keen interest in science and its developments, logical thinking skills, resilience, tenacity and impeccable writing and communication skills. Similarly, science writers understand the scope of their topics and their target audience. Aspiring science writers are strongly advised to get a copy of the National Association of Science Writers’ Field Guide for Science Writers, in addition to going through a science writing course. It assists in comprehending how to write information in a level that is easy for public understanding as well as tackling other issues in science writing.






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