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5 Easy Steps for Writing SEO Articles

5 Easy Steps for Writing SEO Articles

Search Engine Optimization is used in content writing and publishing in order to increase traffic.


Well-optimized content gives you a higher ranking in search engines and more readers. Writing SEO articles requires expert writers who have good writing skills.


An SEO friendly article requires strategic placement of key phrases and keywords as well as the presence of hyperlinks in order to increase readership of your articles. Writing an SEO article is not as hard as it may seem, so anyone can write as long as they follow the right steps.

Customizing your article to be SEO friendly helps to increase your popularity and brings in more readers for your articles.


There are 5 easy steps for writing SEO articles:

1. Outline Your Article

Your articles should be well written and informative. To achieve this, you need to write an outline to list everything that the article should contain.


Every topic should be tackled in a different angle. The introduction should be catchy and interesting to make the readers want to read the rest of the article. You should come up with unique topics that can appear easily in search engines. This helps bring more traffic to your site and attract more readers for your articles. Your articles will also be ranked highly in engine searches making your blog or website popular.


2. List Down Key Phrases And Key Words For Your Article

Listing down key phrases and key words in SEO articles is important as it ensures that they are included in the metadata of the page during publishing. Your articles should be divided with adequate subheadings so as to enable readers to read through them with ease.


Subheadings also ensure that readers who only pass through articles are able to read through the entire article and stay on your page for a longer period of time. This will improve the rate at which people read your articles.

3. Write The Article

When writing the article, make sure that it is grammatically correct without any spelling mistakes. It should be perfectly structured having a nice introduction, an informative body, and a nice conclusion that sums up the whole article in few words. It should have an eye-catchy title and be written in short paragraphs and also include subheadings.


Key words and key phrases should be placed strategically within the article with the most important ones used in subheadings. You should also refrain from overusing the keywords as this will make search engines to consider it as stuffing.

4. Include Hyperlinks In The Article

Hyperlinks are links to other web pages that have some similarity to your topic. You can link different words or phrases to different web addresses. You should ensure that every link that you include in your article is for a quality web page that offers correct information and is easy to navigate.


This makes it easier for your readers to find the correct information that they need without any troubles. Hyperlinks ensure that your readers always come for more from you since they can also be able to get more informative content from other webpages through you.


5. Create Links For Your Article And Share The Links

In order for people to know about your article, you need to create a link and share it on social media platforms. Encourage your usual readers to share the link with others in order to attract new readers. This increases your popularity as well as improves your ranking in search engines. Sharing your work attracts more readers on your web page and ensures that they are always informed when you publish new content.


Final Words

Writing SEO articles is not hard after all. You only need the inspiration and some guidance to be able to do it correctly. Following these steps ensures that you write the best articles. You will be able to satisfy your existing clients and attract new ones through the quality of your content.


Good SEO articles will also help bring in a larger audience through your content. They will play a big role in your career and popularity as a writer since your ranking will improve in search engines.


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