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How to Outsource Article Writing From Professional Article Writing Services Online

How to Outsource Article Writing From Professional Article Writing Services Online

Marketers toss the idea of outsourcing their article writing needs around before they actually do it because it sounds like more effort than it is worth.


And they are right.


Finding the right copywriter or content writing service to outsource your article writing needs is not always easy.


First, you have to find qualified writers, test them, and manage their workload. Then you have to constantly keep in touch with them to make sure that they achieve the objectives you set out for them.


No one wants that kind of responsibility.


However, you should consider outsourcing your content writing needs to a professional content writing service like copypeer if you want to take your business to the next level.


This is because outsourcing article writing can help save you time, and therefore, helps you to earn more money.


It is also easier to find a qualified writer because content writing services have pre-vetted writers who are qualified and ready to help you with your content needs on any industry or subject.


Why Should You Outsource Article Writing?

The most common reasons for people to consider to outsource article writing are:

  • More earnings- digital marketers get to increase their earnings by getting more work done with less workload on them.
  • Need for a specific expertise- when you need a writing expert in a given genre that you are not familiar with, you may have to outsource the work to a writer who is a specialist in that field.
  • To get a different perspective- you may need to outsource article writing if you need to get a different perspective on a given topic. You may require an article to be written in a different angle than you approach.


With these reasons in mind, you now need to know how to outsource article-writing services in order to get the best quality content at a reasonable price.


How to Outsource Article Writing

You can outsource your content writing needs to a content writing service like ours through the following process:

1. Create a Client Profile

Pick an article-writing platform and create a client profile. With a complete profile, you can now start posting job details. The job details should include the language, topic, perspective, deadline, and an example of similar work if possible.


Begin here is you want to post a job on our content writing service.


2. Receive Bids From Qualified Writers

Once you publish the the requirements for your article, you will receive bids from writers who are qualified to work on it.


You can then review the writers who bid for the job and pick the one who seems to be the most suitable to write your work.


This process may turn out to be hard for the first projects and it may take some time before you find the suitable writer. This is because your profile will not have any work history but this is going to change as you progress.


The moment you have a couple of successfully completed projects, your ratings will increase and this will make outsourcing article writing much easier for you.


3. Ask For Past Work Samples

Always ask for examples of a writer's past work before offering them a job. This ensures that you get a writer who has a perspective that matches the tone of your project. This helps you land experienced writers that can work within your budget, which will save you money and ensures that you get high quality content to your satisfaction.


4. Go Through The Writer’s Portfolios

A writer's portfolio helps you to learn a lot about them. You can notice all the writer's skills by going through their portfolio. You get to see the number of projects that they have already completed and how their past clients and employers rate their work.

This makes it easier for you to choose the most qualified writer to write your articles because you can be able to distinguish who the most qualified writer is based on their portfolios.


5. Reading Through Writers’ Cover letters

Cover letters are the best way to examine a writer's grammar and tone. It is like an overview of how well a writer can be able to write. Make sure to look out for exact details concerning your job offer. Cover letters can be a good way for you to eliminate writers when faced with numerous offers to you job posting.


6. Check The Writer’s Bid Price

Outsource article writing is only suitable if it matches your price ranges. You should be able to get good quality articles at a fair price. A specific job posting should receive a range of offers and you should be able to find a balance from the available offers.


7. Ask For Referrals

You can outsource article writing through asking around and getting referrals from other people. The referrals can be for a writer who did another person’s project or for a site where you can be able to find writers to work on your projects.


8. Ask For A Preview Of The Work

If you are using our content writing service, you can ask writers for a brief preview of the content that you are looking for. The writers will write a 100 words preview of the article to give you a better understanding of their ability to do the work.


9. Pay And Get The Work Started

Once you are sure that the writer can do the work, deposit money and select the writer who you want to work with. Once you select the writer, they will start working on the article and deliver it within the deadline that you set.


Keep in touch with the writer to ensure that they are doing everything as expected.


10. Receive The Articles and Rate the Writer

Once the writer delivers the work, you should review their writing and request for changes. If you are happy with the work, pay the writer and leave a review of their work.

Final Words

The above information will come in handy when you outsource article writing. You will come across different writers and be able to determine the one who will be the most suitable to write your articles and deliver the exact quality that you desire.


Have some sort of communication with a writer when they are undertaking your projects. You may ask them for draft copies of the work they are writing for review before they can come up with the final documents. Give the both positive and negative criticism on their work to ensure that you get the exact desired quality every time they work on your projects.


The most important thing is to ensure that you keep the details of the writer once you settle on the most suitable one for you. They may come in handy for you the next time you may need to outsource article writing, as you do not have to go through the searching process all over again.



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