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Find A Copywriter - Tips To Find A Good Copywriter

Find A Copywriter - Tips To Find A Good Copywriter

Writing interesting, captivating, and persuasive copy is not an easy task. Most people assume that anyone can write a sales copy and that it should not take long for someone to throw together some ideas. They do not realize that good writing requires real skill and the better the writing the more effortless it appears.

Great copywriting does not call attention to itself. Great copywriting gets the audience to focus on the message. It then deftly carries them along on an emotional journey also known as a presentation of facts, until it delivers them at the choice point ready to make a commitment.

Your copywriter must select words and images that represent you, your product, and your values. You and your copywriter should have a creative relationship with a common goal. Selecting a copywriter who can help you bring your vision to life is important to the success of your sales.

Therefore, we will look at how to find a copywriter:

1. Determine Your Hiring Criteria In Relations To Your Project

You need to map out some specifics regarding your project and the type of copywriter you are looking for. Ask yourself some basic questions like:

  • What do I want to be done?
  • What is my budget?
  • What results am I looking for?
  • When should the work start?
  • When do I want the work to be done?

Answering such questions will save you and the copywriters you engage in time and headache. Once you figure out your project needs and then start thinking about the hiring criteria. When assessing various writers, try figuring out if:

  • Their specialty matches your needs
  • They have clear samples of work
  • They have worked with similar brands or products
  • They have a project minimum and if it fits your budget
  • They have enough experience to get you the results you want
  • They seem organized and professional
  • Their process fits your work style
  • They are responsive
  • They have worked with other people and what were the results

After identifying your project needs and hiring criteria, you can now identify the right type of copywriter for your project.

2. Identify The Type Of Copywriter You Need

It may seem like all copywriters are the same but that is far from the truth. Just like any other profession, copywriters come in all shapes and sizes with different backgrounds and areas of expertise. This means that you do not just need a copywriter but the right copywriter who can help you with your specific needs. There are different types of copywriters available, they include:

a. The Conversion Copywriter

If you are looking to make more money online, you should consider hiring a conversion copywriter. A conversion copywriter has experience in the art of selling and persuasion. This type of writer uses data and proven psychological models to produce messages that sell. Hire a conversion copywriter for landing pages, sales pages, web copy, emails, and CTAs.

b. The SEO Copywriter

An SEO copywriter will help more people discover your content online. An SEO copywriter can incorporate relevant keywords into a particular piece of content in a natural way. An SEO copywriter can improve your ranking, which will help drive qualified traffic to your blog, website, and more. Hire an SEO copywriter for blog posts, web copy, title tags/meta descriptions, and comparison pages.

c. Content Copywriter

A content copywriter specializes in long-form writing. They write in an informative, yet engaging way, which keeps your audience glued. Some content copywriters have SEO experience, which will help you create both discoverable and engaging material. Hire content copywriters for blog posts, white papers, guides, and eBooks.

d. A Creative Copywriter

A creative copywriter works with advertising agencies as he/she can quickly churn out great ideas for lots of different clients. A creative copywriter is a perfect fit if you want to attract new customers with a flashy ad campaign or want some attention-grabbing ideas. Hire a creative copywriter for creative ad concepts/copy, campaign ideas, and snappy headlines.

e. The Branding Copywriter

Hire a branding copywriting if you want to create or solidify your brand. A branding copywriter is like a blend of a strategic and creative copywriter. They have the ability to dream up ideas, but in a way that follows a strategic process. A branding copywriter is perfect for businesses that are just starting out or businesses that want to pivot and need guidance to redefine their brand. Hire a branding copywriter for naming your business, coming up with a tagline, tone of voice development, writing brand guidelines.

f. Social Media Copywriter

A social media copywriter will help you create a creative and engaging copy on your social media channels. This type of copywriter understands the nuances of writing for various social media platforms, including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and others. Hire a social media copywriter for social captions, social bios, image copy, responsive copy, or social strategy.

g. Product Copywriter

A product copywriter specializes in writing all those little bits of words and phrases you find within dashboards or other internal parts of your product. They usually have some knowledge of UX and UI, so their approach is strategic, keeping the user in mind with every word they use. Hire a product copywriter for in-app copy, notifications, tooltips, intercom messages, and help docs.

h. Video/Script Copywriter

A video/script copywriter is a creative writer with experience in bringing ideas to life in video form. This type of writer can take a big idea and shrink it down to fit within a specific timeframe. These types of writers often have experience working on sets, with directors, producers, and other talents. Hire a product copywriter for commercials, explainer videos, promotional videos, and demo videos.

i. Technical Copywriter

A technical copywriter typically works on medical or pharmaceuticals, technology, software, financial, legal, or other industries that may require a certain level of translation to laypeople. A technical copywriter takes complex material and turns it into simple, easy-to-understand text. Hire a product copywriter for medical writing, pharma, tech, software, finance, or legal copywriting.

Now you know a bit more about the types of copywriters that exist.

3. Find The Right Copywriter For Your Project

It is tempting to just go online and hire the cheapest copywriter you can find. However, doing so will only cheapen your results. Instead, start with your network.

i. Referrals

The best place to find quality writers is through your own personal or professional network. Getting recommendations from people you know and trust will get you better results than picking a random person. Try sending an email to people you know in your industry who may have worked with the type of copywriter you are looking for. You can also ask people who typically work with copywriters for example agency people, designers, SEO, or CRO specialists.

ii. LinkedIn

The other best place to search is LinkedIn. LinkedIn is better than Google because it will rank your search results by those who are within your network, showing those you may have shared connections. Use those connections to your advantage since it is probably the closest you will get to a referral. In addition, LinkedIn will confirm that this person is in fact a real human being, with real work experience.

iii. Google Search

If you fail to get any referrals, the next step is a Google search. When searching, try to be as specific as possible, as that will yield better results. Keep in mind that you will need a shortlist of copywriters, as not all of them will be available for your project.

4. Engage And Hire The Copywriter

By now you have

  • Your project details
  • Hiring criteria
  • Type of copywriter you want to hire
  • A list of people you can reach out to

With these details ironed out, begin reaching out to your desired list of copywriters with confidence, knowing that you have all the information and well prepared.

Now you can reach out to copywriters. Note that good copywriters are usually in demand and busy, therefore, you want to make sure your email has a clear subject line and content that shows you are serious about working with them.

Many copywriters require a minimum project rate, therefore knowing if your budget fits within his or her range is important. If you do not know the exact budget, ask questions like:

  • Do you charge by the hour or by the project?
  • Do you have a minimum project rate?
  • What is a typical range for you in terms of total project cost?
  • What can I expect to pay for a project similar to mine on average?

After getting good responses, schedule a video call. You will likely be working with a remote worker. Therefore, it is important to get to know this person a little bit before you begin paying him/her money. Ask basic questions about their working style, how they run their business in order to set expectations early on, and get an insight into their level of experience.

If in the end, you feel good about working with a specific writer ask for a proposal. Then accept the proposal and get started. Within the proposal, you should see:

  • Description of the project
  • List of deliverables
  • Timeline
  • Goals or success metrics
  • Description of the contractor’ process
  • Pricing
  • Payment instructions
  • Legal copy
  • An area for both of you to sign

If the proposal looks good, let the copywriter know you have approved it, sign, and send it back. Note that the copywriter may require a 100% or 50% payment upfront. After the payment, you can now begin the project.

You now know everything you need to find and hire a copywriter for your project.

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