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9 Tips for Writing Awesome Website Content

9 Tips for Writing Awesome Website Content

Website content is supposed to be interesting in order to catch the attention of your readers, attract new readers, and make them visit your website often for more content.

In order to do this, you have to provide awesome, informative, and persuasive information. You should also make sure that your readers always get information that they are looking for from your website.

The following are some 9 tips for writing awesome website content to help take your business to the next level:


1. Write The Most Important Information First

Writing website content is completely different from writing essays or term papers where you make your most important points in the conclusion.


The most important information must always come first. The most important information here should be a simple statement of what you do and then from this, your web visitors may want to know some more details. They may even go ahead and look out for some background information.


This form of writing is called the inverted pyramid where the readers want to understand everything about what you can offer by reading just some part of your content.


2. Write In The Most Simplest Terms

Website readers do not always have the time to go through everything that you write. You therefore have to write your content in the simplest English and use terms that even a seven year old can understand.


Being too creative and using clever phrases may push away clients from reading your content because this requires them to think a lot which they do not have the time for.


Most readers will prefer looking for information from other websites if they find your content too complicated to understand.


3. Make Your Content Suitable For Lazy People

Most website visitors do not like to read. In order to ensure that they read through your entire content you have to make it easy to read.


Some of the ways you can make your content easy to read is by:

  • Using short paragraphs. The paragraphs should at least be a maximum of six sentences.
  • Use short sentences throughout your entire content.
  • Avoid using passive tense
  • Avoid unnecessary repetition
  • Address your readers directly
  • Skip unnecessary words and
  • Shorten your text


Try to achieve this target and keep your website visitors interested in reading through your entire content.


4. Write For Scanners

Your web content should incorporate visitors who just come and scan some of the text without reading through the whole document.


You can write for scanners by:

  • Ensuring your headline communicates what you are about
  • Ensuring that your image caption communicates a sales message
  • Summarizing your key point in your subheadings
  • Using bullet points to reduce wordiness in your content.


These ensure that your website visitors can understand and get the information they need by just taking a glance through your website.


5. Write Interesting Information On All Pages In Your Website

Your visitors will not all start reading your website from the homepage. They may start from any page of the website.


This means that every page should:

  • be easy to scan
  • make it clear to visitors where they are, and what your site is about
  • tell people where to go next


Make sure that you include a link to show people which step to take next and do not only rely on the navigation bar to guide them.


6. Make It Easy For New Clients To Find You

There are always potential clients looking out for information or products every other day. Your website content should attract them to you.


You can achieve this by including links to relevant pages on your own website or to other websites, discussing one key topic for each page and using phrases and word that potential clients may be looking for.


7. Create A Visual Impression

Your website should have an attractive visual appeal. How your webpage looks impacts the readership of your website content and determines whether your visitors get what your page is all about easily.


You can increase your website’s visual appeal through:

  • Replacing text by photographs or videos
  • Considering different font sizes for your texts
  • Changing paragraphs into bullet points
  • Using headings along with subheadings in the place of long headings


These will make your website easy to read and increase the number of people that go through your content.


8. Use Popular Words

Use words that are familiar when writing your website content. This makes it easier for visitors to find what they are looking for quickly. This is because they will look for a specific product or service by using some a keyword that is familiar to them.


9. Imagine Your Web Visitors As Hunters

Website visitors are always looking for products or services and they feel like a waste of their time if they cannot come across what they are looking for easily. Write simple content that is easy to understand and make sure that your website is not complicated because this may take them to other websites to look for what they need.


Writing simple and relevant website content is not as easy as it may sound but you have to try and do it anyway. Making your text as simple as possible is the only way that you are going to keep your visitors reading through your entire content.a


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